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Mojca Celin / Princip

Mojca Celin, a graduate fashion designer, began her career as a professor of aesthetics at the lace school in Idrija, and this forever marked her and connected her with lace. She decided a long time ago that she wants to create in Slovenia and took on the challenge of including Idrija lace as an important segment in her work: “Through my evening clothes and creations that I make for competitions, I want to communicate who we are, where we come from and what our identity is. It seems to me that it is much easier for an individual to get along with himself if he is aware of his roots and then knows how to enrich them. And it is precisely for this purpose that I have dealt a lot with Idrija lace in the past, because it seems to me that it is an important element of cultural heritage that can be implemented in fashion. The goal is our recognizable fashion. This is the added value we can offer to the world."


Petja Montanez / Artpump

Petja has been in advertising for 20 years. Petja has been awarded numerous times at Slovene national festivals and international festivals such as Golden Drum, Cresta, Moscow International Advertising Festival, and New York Festivals. She has attended the David Carson workshop and later her work was even included in David’s book. Petja has received the Award of Excellence in Design Annual 42- Communication Arts. She was a member of the international regional jury of Cresta Festival in 2004 and the first female President of the jury of the Slovene Advertising Festival that same year. Her work has been published in PRINT American Graphic Design Magazine. Today, she is the Head Art Director of Mayer McCann and the founder of her brand Artpump. She is driven by the thought that art is a state of individualism. “Be a woman” is her ongoing creative challenge.


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