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The author of the musical background of our campaign is Hana Mačkovšek

The author of the musical background of our campaign is Hana Mačkovšek, a singer, music professor, and composer, who presents the song ‘Now’. Hana's work and life are strongly intertwined with contemporary ethnomusicology and the concept of the equivalence of different cultures and musical genres, which is also felt in the composition, in which she incorporated elements that are musically and conceptually close to her. Because the values and messages of the author are close to us, she was harmoniously chosen for the musical sense or mood of the WISH campaign for the Puzzle glamstreetstyle collection.

The form of the song ‘Now’ moves somewhere between a pop song and a Slovenian song with elements of classical orchestration and added sounds of folk instruments. In addition to the often represented instruments, Hana combined strings and an ancient folk instrument - pebbles from Slovenian rivers, into the sound of the pop format, and the axis of all sounds is a repetitive piano pattern. Guitar virtuoso Femi Temowo, former music director and guitarist Amy Winehouse, and producer Rok Lopatič (Laibach, LeeLooJamais), who masterfully connected the multitude of sounds into a single whole, added the finishing touch to the song. Bojan Cvetrežnik (Terrafolk, viola), Barja Drnovšek (Terrafolk, Grad gori!, violin), David Morgan (drums, percussion), Miha Koren (double bass) and many others also took part in the composition.

The song ‘Now’ deals with time and travel; it audibly shows the path of an individual through time with all the emotions and encounters that happen to him along the way. Hana, together with the director Taja Košir Popovič, designed and recorded a video for the song. The image is closely intertwined with the song itself and shows the story of the journey, journey, and encounters. It tells the story of time and a journey that Hana begins in the depths of the karst landslide and ends on High Hill. Although the journey does not end there but continues.

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