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In every fiber of the new collection Work from home of the fashion brands Princip & ArtPump, uniqueness and a 'slow fashion' concept are intertwined. Each piece is made of high quality materials and a touch of timelessness, for long-term topicality of the pieces.

In the background shines the thought of a woman's body, her comfort, the fit of materials and cuts. In them, a woman will always look professional, act collected and easily express her uniqueness.

Mojca Celin and Petja Montanez were looking for inspiration in a woman who looks ahead with a spark in her heart, relies on her own instincts and is empowered to know what her path is. In this uncertain time, she maintains inner peace and freedom of expression at all times, be it when buying new fashion pieces, behind the screen at work from home, or in the inevitable daily commitments elsewhere. Order your pieces via message and dress in the comfort of a winner.

Mojca & Petja

#workfromhomecollection #fashionPrincip


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